Dead Realm chAhharacters!!!

 baby william eyes
All of the images are from the level one lod game mesh that was limited to 20000 triangles
 I was always happy to play test Dead Realm while at Section it because its so fun to play!  Hide and go seek in a haunted house with a ghost.  The reaction from the jump scares in the office testing scared even the people not playing.   3bd did a great job working out the game and making sure it is fun.  Cecil Kim is the creative director at section and held the vision together throughout the development of character and environment art.  The team came up with many Ghost ideas not yet released.  Look for the clues in the environment.  More to come.  Cheers 
Baby William
Baby Williams album cover called Baby William and the Dead Beats

Baby William model layout
All of the characters shown here were designed by Cuba Lee a senior concept artist at Section Studios.
 see more of his creatures here

Butcher layout
wolfman layout
human layout
spirit reaped
 Dead Realm is available on Steam


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