Alone in the dark Creatures

There was a overwhelming dislike of this game by the public.  I however enjoyed working on the monsters.  The concepts were done for the games environments by Section Studios along with the creatures and character designs and models.  So i got into unreal 4 and tested out my creatures with pbr shading.  I work on Cthulhu and 3 variations of him.  I made the creatures seen here and a reaper who will never likely be seen.

Cthulhu sheet
Gary Sookdeo made the humans including the hunter shown here under the variation 1 of Cthulhu.
Demon Sheet
For creatures in unreal 4 we used several maps and masks.  Combining maps into the RGB channels helped keep the map count lower.

Young Jin Joe did a good job on the face model whist I did the body and finishing of the Ghoul.

Hell Hound 2

Hell Hound
The hell hound was a cool design.  I sculpted him out of super sculpy for reference, I also made some of his internal anatomy bones and muscles before making his skin

I made the Wraith  from the inside out to get the anatomy working.  The animators contorted him a lot to fit the character of the games most common enemy. 

credit concepts to artists Cuba lee, Cecil Kim, Benjamin Smith, Justin Yun


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