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Dead Realm chAhharacters!!!

I was always happy to play test Dead Realm while at Section it because its so fun to play!  Hide and go seek in a haunted house with a ghost.  The reaction from the jump scares in the office testing scared even the people not playing.   3bd did a great job working out the game and making sure it is fun.  Cecil Kim is the creative director at section and held the vision together throughout the development of character and environment art.  The team came up with many Ghost ideas not yet released.  Look for the clues in the environment.  More to come.  Cheers 

Dead Realm is available on Steam

Dead Realm by thecreaturecreator1 on Sketchfab


Tinertia is a indi game I am really excited about!  The concept is tricky and fun.  Its got a lot of heart to coming from developers Candecent Games and Section studios.   I got to make some bosses for the game based off of Cuba Lee and Cecil Kim concepts.  More to come as they release.  You can buy a early copy of the game right now.  They are still tuning it to be the best it can be and are releasing the new levels when they are rocketproof.

Alone in the dark Creatures

There was a overwhelming dislike of this game by the public.  I however enjoyed working on the monsters.  The concepts were done for the games environments by Section Studios along with the creatures and character designs and models.  So i got into unreal 4 and tested out my creatures with pbr shading.  I work on Cthulhu and 3 variations of him.  I made the creatures seen here and a reaper who will never likely be seen.

credit concepts to artists Cuba lee, Cecil Kim, Benjamin Smith, Justin Yun

Alone In the Dark by thecreaturecreator1 on Sketchfab

box modeling in zbrush

speed modeling in zbrush, my first crack at the new way to box model, Nu skool for the old school...