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Sleepy Hollow Demon model

I was fortunate to be able to help out Synaptic vfx making a zbrush sculpt 4k for the Season 1 episode 6 of Sleepy Hollow on Fox.  Here is a episode rundown link on project fandoms site.  Thanks again, you guys rock!

Jack Daniels "Swarm" comercial

I modeled in maya and zbrush and textured the bees based off there design from a previous King Bee commercial in mudbox.  I also made the drone swarm bee variation.  It was bad ass to work with pysop again for a short stint on a few comercials.  Thanks guys!

Cartoon Zombie zbrush r5 bpr settings

I wanted to try making a tooned zombie this time.   Heres some render passes and a quick look into how I did it.

To get the scene file with all the settings, mat(skin4altered), light, and test object