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Game of Thrones season 2 Dragon model

Dan Katcher and I worked very hard on this little guy to get him perfect for Game of Thrones.  Dan made the base and I did the detail. We laid all the scales out in photoshop initially using warp and liquifiy to make the scale patterns flow. Then we split up the parts and I detailed them further.  The results turned out nice. Really great work by the whole Pixomondo team!

This video show some of the cool dragon details.  I also topologized the zombie horse at the end.

Snow White and the Huntsman

I worked along side pierre drolet one of the best hard surface modelers for armor. He modeled the first suit based on the practical. I did the surfacing and look dev.I modeled this 2nd suit in 2 days based off practical.  I used my likeness for the head.  I also detailed the Red knight and did a few weapons as well.