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Pacific Tree Frog

Pacific Tree Frog for a company called "Explict".  Sculpted in zbrush 4r4 for a state parks time controlled interactive display in the pacific northwest.  I used a lot of reference and worked inside out for the frogs anatomy.  I tested his animation mesh with layers in zbrush.

Red Dawn 2012 art

These digital doubles for distant shots took about a day a peice modeling and texturing in zbrush.  Some have more or less detail depending on the character in the shot.

the loader truck, heli engine and forest I modeled in maya
I textured the vehicles in bodypaint and photoshop and rendered in renderman.

Hulk Mad! Hulk BPR Filters


Grimm Season 2

More Grimm Stuff, more too come!

spiderman 4 lizard rat

I work with dan katcher on from a concept.  I spent most of my time making wrinkles scales and color.  Ed Ruiz and SarahGrieshammer and the team brought him life.  Aww ain't he cute.

Game of Thrones season 2 Dragon model

Dan Katcher and I worked very hard on this little guy to get him perfect for Game of Thrones.  Dan made the base and I did the detail. We laid all the scales out in photoshop initially using warp and liquifiy to make the scale patterns flow. Then we split up the parts and I detailed them further.  The results turned out nice. Really great work by the whole Pixomondo team!

This video show some of the cool dragon details.  I also topologized the zombie horse at the end.

Snow White and the Huntsman

I worked along side pierre drolet one of the best hard surface modelers for armor. He modeled the first suit based on the practical. I did the surfacing and look dev.I modeled this 2nd suit in 2 days based off practical.  I used my likeness for the head.  I also detailed the Red knight and did a few weapons as well.

Grimm episodes

Hi, I wanted to share some of the work I recently did for the tv show Grimm. It was a lot of fun to work on but it didn't last long. They wanted a two day turnaround on the likeness and the mask with a day for texturing. I did the modeling for the Solidad Jackle man and Farley hawk, also and some of the tarantula characters. Im showing testing of vray for the pipeline for the tpose. They opted to go with lightwave. The tanrantula girls face was really fun to pose and looks good, but the episode was a bit gross. Thanks for looking!

Terra Nova

I wanted to share some of the awesome zbrush creature work done by me and the team at Pixomondo, Dan Katcher and YeYoung Jung. I worked on most of the dinos in some way but these pics are the ones I did the most work on. Spending most of my time detailing and texture painting. Most of the rough ins were started by Dan. Not the sail fish though he was happy to give that to me to design build and paint. It been awesome learning how to sculpt dinosaurs from Dan. Ive been a fan of his work for years unknowingly buying up all the spawn toys he sculpted. Thanks