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Satyer Design Sculpt

Heres a quick series of videos using dyna mesh for a complete character design sculpt to render in zbrush 4 r2

Mega sketch dump

Heres my sketch dumping place in 2011.  FUN!
This is from my 2011 sketch book I started doing a new character everyday, but then turned into just sketching.J lewers sketch dump  I will updated it again! 


I did the texturing and surfacing for the krona character in Green Lantern. As well as a few other organics. This image is when he is consumed by evil and morphs. The other is of the gentle species that Krona is spawned from.

Battle armor Drone design

A quick sketch I did to practice some hard surface design sculpting. Theres a lot of work left to do....

Creature bust design sculpt

I started this with z spheres and finished the design over my lunch break. The face is based on a whale with obvious additions of mountain goat and reptile features.


This was for a contest I entered at cg feed back.

If you haven't checked out the website its defiantly worth a look.

Demon sketch