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50s Style Alien Sculpt

Long arms and big hands on this 50s inspired alien. I was amped to sculpt to warm up for the class im taking in December with the amazing sculpture Jordu Shell.

Shark week!

workflow for cartoon shark i made in zbrush. Timelapse modeling and pre vis animation look dev a paint stroked background. The amazing original concept by Sam Nielson can be seen at

cghub bust-a-move challenge Jack Burton

Heres my entry for cg hubs 3d challenge. I started with only a week to complete it. I hustled and got it this far before I ran out of time. Next time Ill have to start earlier. I had a blast none the less.

Lil dino zbrush quick sketch

I came across this great concept that David Malan made and I had to model it. He was kind enough to let me share it on my blog. I loved to draw dinosaurs a lot when I was a kid. I was inspired by David's characterization. To see more of his work go to

Baby Dino turntable from creaturecreator1 on Vimeo.