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Architecture of saboteur

Here's some of the buildings and interiors I made for EA's Saboteur. Here's the break down. I modeled and textured the sail boats and dry docks. I set up the style guide for props and modules for 2 countryside building sets. The rocket base and castle I was the primary artist on with responsibilities including modeling, world building texturing (shared), and lighting. In addition I contributed to the design. Rocket base layout by Joe Myers. Additional lighting and world building on both by Lee Souder, Garrett Pence, and Chris Arden. I owned the wealthy Paris buildings modeling, texturing some shared, and design assets along with ornate attachments texture page shared through out the game. Worldbuilding by Andy Krell and world building team. I modeled all assets and built modules for the Saarbruken hotel. Brilliant rendering and environmental lighting by SMED team and everyone else. Thanks

Saboteur Pantheon design

I really enjoyed working on the Pantheon monument level. It was inspired by Joe Myers. I got great inspirational concept art from Jason Hazolroth and Brian Norton. I was responsible for modeling, texturing, lighting, layout, and worldbuilding. I also designed the exterior and interior mission pathing. I was then help out by Rob Davis and Jason Miller with design refinements and scripting. Additional world building and lighting by Lee Souder and Erik Jakobson.

Heres a playthrough

Vincent Price Bust for Michael Jackson's "This Is It!" concert

Vincent Price was to reprise his role in "Thriller" in the big concert. The concert was cancelled of course but it was to end up on the dvd. I sculpted and textured his bust which was rigged and animated by the talent at I.E.Effects.