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Steve Work in progress

This was made in an hour with soft sculpy. Then I baked it. I then applied the gray firm sculpy. I let it cure for a few weeks. When I came back to it I used dental tools to carve it. The next step is to finish the ears, bake it again and do the final refinements. I was quite pleased when I photographed this head and the camera went into face detection mode.

sculpy or zbrush for concept

I made this head with sculpy and digital clay to see what would be faster for a quick concept. Clay wins, but not by much.


I started this sculpt with no planing or armature. My bad, but the swiftness of the workflow made it worth it. Its not ment to last forever. The sculpt is a characture of my wife. Theres some more details to be put in, fingers cloth and jewlery.